Latin American & Caribbean Bonsai Federation (FELAB)

After the first World Bonsai Congress in Japan in 1989 when WBFF was created a group of Latin American bonsai enthusiast was appointed to create a Federation in order to become a region to be part of WBFF.

In February of 1992, in the city of Cali, Colombia with participants from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Peru, Uruguay and Colombia FELAB was created.

The main objective of this organization is to promote the dissemination of knowledge of the art of Bonsai, its philosophy and the specific techniques with the aim of developing this art, Bonsai organizations and individuals through the educational and cultural means multinational friendship, understanding and goodwill between members of FELAB and other organizations of the world of bonsai.

Our Region includes all countries in the Caribbean and South America.

Neea Buxifolia

We do have a Regional web page for more information. Our official language on that page is Spanish

FELAB Member Club 2021 - 2024

ABA now has representation in the following countries and individuals, with contact details.    
Country Club Name Contact Role Email
Argentina Bonsai Argento Sergio Luciani -
Argentina Pueblo Bonsai Cristian Cangaro -
Barbados Bonsai Club de Barbados Kaye Hall / Debbi Hall - -
Chile Club NeoBonsai Chile Christian Rasse -
Colombia Escuela Bonsai Ya Nicolas Lara -
Colombia Club de Amigos del Bonsai Cali, Kibo Bonsai German Arellano 2d Vicepresident FELAB
Costa Rica Asociacion Costarricense de Bonsai (ACOBONSAI) Esteban Campos -
Costa Rica Bonsai Lifestyle Studio> Lilly Tello Ortiz -
Cuba Cultivadores de Bonsai Habana/td> Jorge Guerra Pensado -
Cuba Grupo de Cultores Club Cuba Bonsai Yusniel Humberto Fernandez -
Ecuador Asociacion Bonsai de Quito Eduardo Asanza - -
Ecuador Bonsai Studio Guayaquil Laura Lorena Gutierrez -
Ecuador Club Bonsai Cuenca Boris Goerke -
Ecuador Club Bonsai Guayaquil Cecilia Vera Arbaiza -
El Salvador Club ProBonsai de El Salvador Mauricio Alejandro Mejia - -
Mexico Balam Bonsai Club Consuelo Ruedas -
Mexico Bonsaimex Jose Ma. Cordero -
Mexico Club Bonsai Chapala Alfonzo Mendoza -
Mexico Club Bonsai Guadalajara Alejandro Arellano Lopez Secretary FELAB
Mexico Club Bonsai Tropical Enrique Castaño President FELAB
Mexico Kame House Alejandro Ramirez -
Mexico Kodama Bonsai Estudio Hugo Zamora Luna -
Panama Asociacion de Bonsai de Panama Oscar Ucros -
Panama Bonsai Panama Emilde Vargas -
Panama Margie A. Cohem - -
Peru Club Peruano del Bonsai Juan Carlos Salazar -
Peru Club Peruano del Bonsai
El Verdadero Arte del Bonsai
Henry Chavez Prada -
Puerto Rico Bonsai Caribeño Jose E. Rodriguez -
Puerto Rico FEBOPRI Study Group Pedro J Morales -
Republica Dominicana Club Bonsai Nativo Roberto Sandro Rivera -
Republica Dominicana Club Dominicano del Bonsai Leandro Pichardo -
Venezuela Higurashi Jardineria Creativa Fernando Moncada -
Venezuela Nacho Marin Bonsai School Nacho Marin -
Venezuela Sociedad Venezolana de Bonsai Antonio Rodriguez -
Individual Members
Country Club Name Contact Role Email
Ecuador - Yunan Yenchong - -
Guatemala - Corcal Trees -
Panama - Barbara Bernal -
Republica Dominicana - Victor Liriano 1st Vicepresident FELAB