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South Asia Region

Mrs Sneh Prasar, Director, WBFF

South Asia Bonsai Federation (SABF) marks the beginning of a new chapter for its 5 member countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The coming together of the five neighbouring nations under the umbrella of the SABF opens up new opportunities and hitherto untapped collaborations between the member countries.

All clubs registered with the SABF/WBFF in these countries have a unique opportunity to come together for the progress of Bonsai in this region. The combined knowledge and skills of the member clubs will increase the awareness of the art of bonsai in this region. Through the good offices of the WBFF, the formation of the SABF provides all member clubs and artists of the five countries an opportunity to represent the region at various events on regional and international platforms.

Sneh Prasar was unanimously elected as the first President for SABF and she has been appointed Director of WBFF for the South Asia Region. Sneh has been practicing and teaching the art of bonsai in India for the past three decades. By profession she is a landscape designer, Bonsai Teacher, and Editor of Horticulture World, a national magazine in India.

She had the honour to receive a Gold Medal from WBFF, for spreading the art of Bonsai in India, thru her magazine “Horticulture World" in 2007, in the World Bonsai Convention held at Puerto Rico.

Portulacaria afra - Jade
Portulacaria afra- Jade

She was the founder President of Bonsai Chembur Club which then merged with the Indian Bonsai Society in 2014.She is also the past President for the Indian Bonsai Society in 2010-11.Today she holds the position of Hon. Chief Governing Councillor for Indian Bonsai Society.

Her experience in the International and National bonsai world and as Editor of Horticulture World, has been instrumental in promoting Indian Bonsai Artists to International platforms.2018 September, two more artists with two assistants will be introduced courtesy Masterpiece Exhibition, Tangerang Indonesia.


Portulacaria afra- Jade

She claims her biggest achievement so far has been the establishment of a Horticulture training unit in 1991 for the prestigious Handicapped NGO called NASEOH (National School for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped) in Mumbai. She is the only person that is training children with special needs in the art of Bonsai along with gardening.

NASEOH trains and then provides jobs placements with large fortune 500 companies, to these special needs adults.

SABF is getting tremendous support from unknown individual bonsai enthusiasts and groups from other countries as well. Already SABF has been invited to establish two Trophies for best Suiseki and best Bonsai for Master peace conference and exhibition in Sept 2018.

SABF is committed to hold a national event after two years in 2020 adjusting to other already committed events of the other regions of the world. SABF is fortunate to get support of few well wishers and enthusiasts of Bonsai. SABF looks up to already established Regions for their guidance and support in future.

Suihan Penjing with Brya ebenus trees and sandstone rocks
Suihan Penjing with Brya ebenus trees and sandstone rocks