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European Bonsai Association (EBA)

Since the first informal contacts between European Bonsai enthusiast in Heidelberg (1980), the European Bonsai Association (EBA) has acted as a coordinating body for bonsai organisations within its member countries.

The primary aim of the association acting as a non-profit making organisation, has been to promote bonsai art and culture, stimulating its members and teaching them all aspects of the art and science of bonsai.

Much of this has been and continues to be achieved through the bonsai associations and federations within the nineteen member countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Replublic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Monaco, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

It is by virtue of the efforts of these member countries that bonsai in Europe today is enjoying such a high degree of popularity. Within each of these countries, Bonsai groups and societies meet on regular basis, holding exhibitions and small conventions. In most instances, the societies join together under the auspices of their national association to put on a major event, often in the form of a national convention, which includes an exhibition bringing together a wide range of quality bonsai specimen from that country.

Ever since its establishment, EBA has held annual conventions by a different member country and has equally ensured that the 4th World Bonsai Convention was held in München in 2001.

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What we aim to do

  • Enhance cohesion between member clubs
  • New links with Eastern Europe and to expand further
  • Ensure promotion towards the amateurs
  • Continuous search for talents through quality events at International level
  • Cost-Effective Participation affordable for all bonsai enthusiasts
  • Promote the Art of Bonsai
  • Create a European platform for co-operation between amateur associations
  • Enhance international exchanges of knowledge and artists
  • As such, ensure permanent vocational training of the individual amateur
  • 19 National Member Associations
  • Offering the Art to more than 25.000 individuals
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ABA Representatives

EBA now has representation in the following countries, with contact details.    
Country Representative Email
President Marc Noelanders
Austria Ing. Karl Heinz UNTERWEGER
Belgium Marc DE BEULE /a>
Czech Republic Ivan MACHACEK
Denmark Erik PEDERSEN  (PhD)
France Pierre BEDES
Germany Jürgen CAROCCI
Hungary Attila BAUMANN
Italy Luciano GRANATO
Lithuania Kestutis PTAKAUSKAS
Monaco Christophe MAGGIORE
Netherlands Tom VAN WANUM
Poland Wlodzimierz PIETRASZKO
Portugal José MACHADO
Slovakia Juraj SZABÓ
Slovenia Nik ROZMAN
Sweden Torsten RYMAN
Switzerland Melanie WALZER
United Kingdom Dr Malcolm HUGHES