African Bonsai Association (ABA)


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African Bonsai Association (ABA)

African Bonsai Association is a Regional Body of World Bonsai Friendship Federation (WBFF).

In the mid 1980 South Africa Bonsai Association was approached to form the African Region under the World Bonsai Friendship Federation (WBFF).

In 1991 the African Bonsai Association (ABA) was formalised and merged the South African Bonsai Association (SABA) to serve as an umbrella organisation for all bonsai organisations in Africa and as the representational member region of Africa to the World Bonsai Friendship Federation.

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In 2002 ABA split from SABA, where the focused of SABA was only on bonsai in South Africa, and ABA remained focused on the whole African continent.

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ABA Representatives

ABA now has representation in the following countries, with contact details.    
Country Representative Email
President Jonathan Cain, African Bonsai Association
Director WBFF Africa Region
Vice President Willem Pretorius
Algeria Ferroukhi Redouane, International Consultant to ABA
Egypt Mohamed Nabil, International Consultant to ABA
Ghana Jerome Agbomson, International Consultant to ABA
Israel Ofer Grunwald, International Consultant to ABA
Kenya Prachi Parikh, International Consultant to ABA
Madagascar Andy Razakarivony, International Consultant to ABA
Mauritius Xavier de Lapeyre, International Consultant to ABA
Namibia Hendrik Koekemoer, International Consultant to ABA
Reunion Patrice Clain, Consultant Reunion
South Africa Org Exley, International Consultant to WBFF
Tunisia Chaachoui Oussama, International Consultant to ABA
Zambia Neli Stoyanova, International Consultant to WBFF

President - Jonathan Cain
African Bonsai Association
Director WBFF Africa Region

Bonsai CV of Jonathan Cain

I was born in 1965 in Johannesburg South Africa.

After getting a B Comm degree, in Accounting and Commercial Law, then working in the commercial field for 15 years I was looking for a less stressful life.

I have a family and am married to Denise, the mother of our two daughters, Tristyn and Jordan.

I had inherited a bonsai tree, from a property I bought in 1999. I did not know the species but, it seemed to thrive on neglect. Later on I found out that it was a Baobab, and neglect was the best treatment for its survival.

In December 2002, my wife, Denise, received a bonsai as a gift. She then started collecting bonsai and by March 2003, we had bought a commercial bonsai nursery of 35 000 bonsai.

In 2006, I was founding Chairman of our local bonsai club. I visited the 1st Chinese Penjing Exhibition in China in 2006 and also

Jonathan Cain

attended my first WBFF AGM as a visitor and consultant to the African Region.

In 2013 I attended the WBFF AGM in Taiwan as President of the African Region.

In 2017 I was asked to be Secretary to WBFF.